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Currently, we are not accepting applications for this program. We anticipate the program to re-open Spring/Summer 2024 and will update this page once we are open to new applicants for this program.

The Canada-Ontario Housing Benefit (COHB) provides a direct monthly benefit to eligible households to help pay their rent.

The benefit payments are:

  • Portable, which means you may receive the benefits even when you move to another address
  • Based on the household’s income and local market rent.

The province administers the benefits through the Ministry of Finance, and eligibility is assessed annually. Annual renewal applications are issued from the Province each May and must be returned by September 1st.

Clients who do not return their annual renewal by the deadline will no longer be eligible to receive assistance through the COHB program. Reinstatement into the program is not permitted.

Following the annual review, the COHB amount may increase or decrease because of changes in residence, income, and/or household size. The benefit amount is calculated according to the average local market rent of the area lived in.

Preparing for an Application

  • The benefit amount will depend on the household size and income.
  • The amount is calculated using a formula that includes household income, the number of people in the household and the local market rents.
  • To receive the COHB, applicants must agree to be removed from the Centralized Waiting List for social housing.
  • Households cannot receive COHB and Rent-Geared-to-Income (RGI) housing or any other form of housing benefit at the same time.

After the Application

The Ontario Ministry of Finance (MOF) will contact eligible recipients directly to inform them if the application has been approved.

If approved, please contact the Province’s Information Centre for questions about the COHB at: