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Community Housing Online Application Guide

If you would like to complete your Rent Geared to Income Application online, please read these instructions carefully. Print off a copy for your reference while you complete this application.

  • Please go to
  • You must have an email address to apply online. Please note if using someone else’s address all communication will go to this address.
  • Please note a Pcode and a registration number are the same thing. If you have previously applied to RGI contact 519-426-6170 ext. 3235 to receive your Pcode. Do Not create a new registration number.
  • Read the conditions, Accept, then Register
  • Please add your spouse/partner or someone you want to live with as the co-applicant if applicable.
  • Children are added as dependents. If they are over 16 they will need to sign the application.
    Special Priority Section (please skip if this does not apply)
  • Ensure you click the appropriate box that details your situation for special priority status
  • Ensure you have a Special Priority application and letter completed by an appropriate third party, listed on the Special Priority application.
  • This form must be submitted by mail or email at [email protected]. Please put the following in the subject line ATTN: Housing Resource Coordinator SP Online
  • Special priority applications can be found online at


  • Previous Address: you can add previous addresses or leave this blank.
  • Income: Add any income you receive from all sources (Ie. Ontario Works, ODSP, EI, support, pensions etc.) Add for yourself and co-applicants. When finished hit next.
  • Assets: Please list all bank accounts and other assets (ie. TFSA, RESP, RRSP, property etc.)

  • If you are over 59 Please choose no preference if you wish to pick senior and adult buildings.
  • If you are under 59 please choose non-senior.
  • When choosing a number of bedrooms please only choose based on the number of people in your household. If residing with a partner/spouse you will only be eligible for a 1-bedroom unit.
  • Other co-applicants and children will be counted for one bedroom each.
  • Please list any special requirements or if the ground floor is required.
  • If no choices are showing up then that means Haldimand Norfolk does not have housing that meets the requirements you have specified.

  • Please skip the service area map. go right to building complex selection, and then select Haldimand-Norfolk.
  • You cannot apply to buildings in other municipalities when completing an application for Haldimand-Norfolk.
  • In the building complex selection area please choose all buildings you would like to reside in.

  • Click Sign & Date. Complete for each member of the household.
  • Once signatures are completed and the application is fully signed you will be brought to the Application Status page.
  • Review building choices and the status of the file. The status will show as applied until a housing resource coordinator reviews it.
  • You can go back to your application at any time and make changes or add information to your application.
  • Once you have signed and reviewed the status page you can close the website. Your application will submit at that time.

If you have access to a scanner please submit all required documents listed below in the online application.

  • The following documents must be uploaded/scanned into your online application before you submit it:
      • Most recent Notice of Assessment (NOA) or summary page with T4’s/T5’s for all adult members of the household
      • Copy of SIN for all members of the household
      • Copy of birth certificate for all members of the household
      • Proof of Canadian residency status for those not born in Canada eg. Passport, citizenship card, permanent resident card
      • Copy of 60 days of bank statements for all accounts. Ensure documents include names and account numbers
      • Verification of monthly income eg. Ontario Works, employment stubs, and pensions. Can submit bank statements if deposits show.
      • Copy of custody and support documentation for the household if applicable.
  • Before signing the application please read it over and ensure that all information is correct.
  • Record your Pcode and keep it in a safe place
  • Once you complete this application it is important to note your first, middle, and last name, your DOB, email address, and Pcode so you can log back in to view your information.
  • You can update any information pertaining to your Haldimand Norfolk housing application through this website in the future using the above information.

If you have any questions regarding the online application for Haldimand-Norfolk please call a Housing Resource Coordinator at 519-426-6170 ext. 3235