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In 2012-2013, the Social Housing Division undertook a process to develop a “10 Year Housing and Homelessness Plan” for Haldimand and Norfolk Counties. The process included extensive research into the community need for affordable housing and homelessness services, and an inventory of affordable housing stock and community-based housing and homelessness related support services. Community consultation was an important part of the planning process, including key informant interviews, a group consultation session and discussions with people with lived experience with housing instability and homelessness.

Year 1 Update: The 10-Year Housing and Homelessness Plan for Haldimand and Norfolk Counties

Year 2 Update: The 10-Year Housing and Homelessness Plan for Haldimand and Norfolk Counties

If anyone is having trouble accessing The 10-Year Housing and Homelessness Plan for Haldimand and Norfolk Counties, please contact Tricia Givens, Supervisor, Housing Services, by calling 519.426.6170 / 905.318.6623 Ext. 3748 or email tricia.givens@haldimand-norfolk.org

The vision for the Housing and Homeless Plan

Residents of Haldimand and Norfolk will be able to live in their community with access to safe, appropriate, accessible and affordable housing and support opportunities.

There are five strategic directions that support the realization of this vision statement.

  1. Ensure all residents of Haldimand and Norfolk Counties have access to suitable, safe and affordable housing opportunities.
  2. Keep people housed.
  3. Expand support opportunities to meet increasing complex needs.
  4. Collaborate and coordinate responses to homelessness.
  5. Advocate to senior levels of government for more appropriate funding for services, supports and programming.

Thirty-two actions will be undertaken over the next ten years to meet the above-listed strategic directions. Six have been chosen as priority actions based on the community needs analysis and public consultation.

  1. Actively pursue the creation of safe, affordable housing including one bedrooms and housing for singles by private and non-profit builder/developers.
  2. Assist housing providers to identify and use surplus land opportunities on non-profit and social housing sites for infill.
  3. Increase the stock of accessible, affordable housing.
  4. Pursue the creation of integrated social service centres for ease of access to multiple services at one time.
  5. Increase the supportive and transitional housing options for vulnerable residents with complex needs.
  6. Undertake a study of options for short-term emergency accommodation in Dunnville and Simcoe with attendant supports.